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“Indulge in a culinary journey with our assorted Main dishes. Kickstart your meal with a diverse array of hot and cold Meze plates, showcasing the authentic flavors of Turkish cuisine. Our grill specialties, cooked over hot charcoal, are bound to entice your palate with their smoky perfection. Don’t miss out on our seafood delights and special dishes, each prepared with a unique blend of fresh ingredients and traditional spices.


Rise and shine with our hearty Breakfast menu, offering a delicious start to your day. Our hot and cold small plate Meze dishes are perfect for sharing and exploring a variety of flavors. For a traditional touch, delve into our charcoal-grilled dishes, cooked to golden perfection. From the sea’s bounty to our chef’s special creations, there’s something to satisfy every morning craving.


Sweeten your dining experience with our delectable Desserts. Each dish is a celebration of rich flavors and authentic Turkish sweetness, promising a delightful end to your meal. Whether you are a fan of creamy textures or fruity freshness, our dessert menu has a delightful array awaiting your discovery.


Elevate your meal with our curated selection of Drinks. From the rich aroma of Turkish coffee to the refreshing coolness of our traditional Ayran, there’s a beverage to complement every dish. Explore our variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, each promising to be the perfect sip alongside your meal.


Delight the little ones with our Children’s menu, designed to offer a variety of flavors while catering to their preferences. Our Meze plates are perfect for tiny taste buds exploring new textures and tastes. Our charcoal-grilled dishes are not only delicious but also a fun spectacle for kids. With a selection of seafood and special dishes, there’s a tasty adventure waiting for every child.